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CPIM new configuration now available.- Important information for those who are mid stream in their CPIM

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Find our new classes and a FAQ on the changes.


-As of January 2018 the 5 exam format will be changing to a 2 exam format. 

-The legacy 4(not basics) exams will still be offered thru to the end of 2018.

-The two new CPIM exams, now called part 1 and part 2 will be offered starting Jan 2018.

-After August 31, only candidates who have purchased at least two exam credits (i.e., BSCM, plus MPR, DSP, ECO, SMR) can take the other legacy exams.

-The Basics Exam can be used in lieu of CPIM Part 1 exam. Candidates who have passed the BSCM Basics exam only, will not have to take the CPIM Part 1 exam and will only need to pass the CPIM Part 2 exam to earn the CPIM certification.

-Candidates who have passed the Basics and one or more of the other CPIM exams, can continue to prepare for and take the legacy CPIM Exams through 2018, or they may choose to prepare for and take the CPIM Part 2 exam.

-The old Basics of Supply Chain exam will be offered only thru 2017.  Anyone having passed this certification exam will be grandfathered into the new two part program.  That means you have to only take one more exam. YOU WILL HAVE ONLY UNTIL THE END OF AUG 2017 TO PURCHASE AN EXAM VOUCHER AND UNTIL THE END OF 2017 TO SCHEDULE AND TAKE THE EXAM.