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 We are excited to have a very active island organizing committee!

Vancouver Island Organizing Committee -Events, Membership. and To Volunteer

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  • CANCELLED Jan 17 - Evening Professional Development meeting and Speaker -Camosun Landsdowne Campus-  

  • Jan 23 - CPIM part 2 class - 14 weeks - Camosun Coastal Center - info and registration HERE 

  • Feb 8 - Education information night -  Camosun College - - info and Free registration  HERE

  • Feb 15 - 1 Day Workshop - Purchasing Fundamentals - Camosun Coastal Center -  Registration - HERE

  • Mar 1- CPIM part 1 class - 12 evenings - Camosun Coastal Center - info and registration - HERE

  • Apr 11- 1 Day Workshop - Warehousing and Material Handling -Camosun Coastal Center -  Registration -HERE

  • May 1- CLTD class - 14 evenings -  Camosun Coastal Center - info and registration - HERE 

  • May 7 - CSCP Class - 5 Mondays bi weekly - Camosun Coastal Center - info and registration - HERE 

  • June 14- 1 Day Workshop - Distribution and Logistics Management -Camosun Coastal Center -  Registration - HERE



 PROGRAMS NOW AVAILABLE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CAMOSUN COLLEGE on VANCOUVER ISLAND - Find out more HERE  including registration info and schedules. 


Details and Registration

Certification courses

CSCP – Certified Supply Chain Professional

CPIM – Certified Production & Inventory Manager

CLTD – Certified Logistics, Transportation & Distribution Manager


On Demand  -  Workshops  


 Purchasing Fundamentals

Sourcing Strategies

Purchase Order Management and Performance Management

Inventory Management

Fundamentals of Inventory Management

Inventory Replenishment Management

 Forecasting & Demand Management


Demand Management

 Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Basics of MRP

Managing with MRP

 Lean Inventory and Production Management

Lean Inventory – Theory and Practice

Lean Production Management


 Warehousing and Materials Handling

Warehouse Management

Packaging and Materials Handling

Distribution & Logistics Management

Distribution and Logistics

Distribution Requirements Planning

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales & Operations Planning

Aggregate Operations Planning

Master Scheduling

Master Scheduling Foundations

Master Scheduling Processes


Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) and Management

Production Activity Control (PAC)