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President's Message

Message from our President – Phil Patton 

International conference -  notes and observations 


I am just back from the APICS Chapter Leadership and International Conference in San Antonio. San Antonio is a clean city and seems to be pretty safe in the downtown area. A lot of the social life at night is centered in and around the “River Walk’ which is a fabulous tourist attraction as is the Alamo. If you have not been to San Antonio and nearby Austin Texas you are in for a treat. Budget 3 days in each city and have a ball. 

The Vancouver Chapter was honored at the Leadership conference as being the leading North American Chapter in the new CPIM course sales. This result is due to the hard work put in by our very own Roberta McPhail, Brett Mewett, and Jodi Barras who made sure students and faculty at BCIT was aware of the positive changes the new CPIM brings. Of course, the real advantage to students wanting to be CPIM certified is that they can do so quicker and at a reduced cost to the previous CPIM system. 

The Leadership conference is for Chapter board members and is designed to keep us up to date with all things APICS and help us govern our Chapters effectively. We covered off issues such as balanced work and volunteer life (your APICS board members put in a lot of extra time over and above their normal daily duties, Sales and marketing, Social Media, and effective membership strategies. I came away with a lot of great ideas which we will implement in the Chapter over the next year.

The International Conference once again had two great and inspiring Keynote Speakers. The first was John Mackey who is the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods; the second was Derreck Kayongo, the founder of the Global soap project. For more information go to

Each year the Conference has great educational content with “learning paths.” This year’s learning paths were Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return and Enable. There are so many good sessions that you have to carefully pick out what is important to you and plan your days. If you have never attended an International conference, you should, it’s a great education.

The one issue that stood out for me is the emergence of “blockchain” in the Value Chain. This technology is making its way into our lives faster than you will believe. I certainly plan to stay abreast of this development.

Next years International Conference is be held in Chicago from September 30th to October 2nd 2018. Plan to attend and I will see you there.


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Welcome New Members

Welcome to our new members! - Abrar Khan

  •          Wexxar Packaging Inc. Enterprise Members 
  •          BCIT & UBC Student Members 
  •          And all our Professional members

Amir Hossein Banimostafavi

Nguyen Anh Thy Le

Chris Montgomery

Thomas Bourke



Jaydip Chakrabarti

Chrisanty Lienanto

Mark Robinson

Chien-Chao Chang

Hong Nee Lim

Jian Xun Tu

Andres Corchuelo


Yuchen Wang

Rebekah Hutchison

Milos Marichic


Stephen Ison

Saathi Midha

Saghi Ahmadi-Abbasabadi

Nataliya Karimova

Ming Mo

Alok Shiv Murti Bajpai


To all our members, we would love to hear from you about events and programs offered by APICS Vancouver – what you like, what you don’t and what you would like us to arrange in the future. Your feedback is important for us to improve the offerings and bring value to the members. You can reach us at


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Calendar of Events


Our programs and event committee has been busy bringing you great events

Comings up: 


And more in 2018!

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Education & Certification

APICS – Vancouver Education Update- Brett Mewett

We often refer to this time of the year as fall, and for good reason.  We also refer to this as the “Fall” semester in education.  In reality, “Fall” does not describe the last couple of months.  The APICS content is climbing as well as our enrollment.

In September, APICS Vancouver in association with BCIT was the leading chapter in North America launching the revised curriculum of CPIM Part 1 and Part 2.  This condenses the former 5 courses to 2 and utilizes a “Flipped Classroom” format.  The new format leverages a portal for students to log in and learn online.  By means of the portal students can ask the Instructor questions, contact other students in the class and participate in online discussions.  In addition, there is a Pre-Test exam, a Post-Test exam, numerous quizzes and a number of videos for students to watch.

Feedback from students so far has been positive.  This course format has been used to great effect for the CSCP and CLTD courses.

While we have been busy with the new CPIM format, we don’t want to forget about our other offerings – CSCP and CLTD.  Confused?  - Check out the apics education selector tool for info about all our programs.

We have already planned our Winter semester courses and these are listed on the BCIT website.  

For January, we have scheduled 2 classes each of CPIM Part 1 and Part 2, and a class each of CSCP and CLTD.  In addition, for a limited time only, we are offering the legacy CPIM courses in the winter.  APIC 1173 (being offered for the last time and minimum enrollment required), APIC 1174 (Minimum enrollment required), and APIC 1175 (Minimum enrollment required).

If you have any questions about our offerings or are interested in corporate training, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you next term.

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Event Report

2017 Supply Chain Summit Conference Update from Oct 19 – Roberta McPhail

Finally I have wound down.   With over 140 attendees and 10 speakers,I think we held a world class regional supply chain event.   With the formal and informal feedback we received, you did too.  Feel free to email us your candid feedback to

We thank our presenters and our sponsors.   Especially SYSPRO Canada and Phoenix systems for their generous support.    We could not have does this without you.    Kudos to our Volunteer team!

All the presentations for 2017 and 2016 summit's are now available online.

Never enough time to chat with everyone.  For those I met ,please do stay in touch.    See you next year!


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Island Report

Vancouver Island Sub Chapter Report - Darryl Anderson - Island Board Member

Supply chain professionals are known for their problem-solving abilities and technical knowledge of the functional disciplines required to make, move and sell goods. The same skill sets were put to good use in building the professional supply chain community on Vancouver Island. 

The decision to select Camosun College as the APICS education partner on Vancouver Island resulted in the launch of a new supply chain logistics and management website earlier this summer.  Thanks to Patricia Larose, Program Coordinator, School of Business Continuing Education and her Camosun colleagues for ensuring the site is a vibrant information hub for APICS certification courses, on-demand training, workshops and networking events. As a result, two new classes (CPIM parts one and two) were offered in September 2017 under the direction of Ron Taggart. 

Work started on reaching out to the Island student community for creating more awareness about APICS.

The strength of our local board was enhanced this fall when international student Pawn Yadav from Royal Roads University joined the team. In addition, Vancouver Island presentative Ron Taggart recently joined the APICS Vancouver Chapter board. 

The relationship also extends to the Camosun Coastal Centre - industry and community training facility - where not only certification classes held but also the venue for a Supply Chain Best Practices workshop that occurred on September 19th. Michelle Traore and her staff ensured a warm welcome to the well-appointed learning facility, where attendees from across Vancouver Island and individuals with business interests on the Island gathered for a day of professional development.  Thanks to APICS Vancouver's Roberta McPhail and Curtis McCormac of Viking Air Ltd. for their excellent presentations and commitment to sharing supply chain knowledge and experience. 

Relationships formed during the workshop were instrumental in having a robust Vancouver Island presence at the recent Ignite Your Supply Chain conference in Vancouver and APICS Vancouver Island members Rebekah Hutchinson and Stephen Ison attending the Vancouver Economic Alliance Conference. 

Recognizing the value of networking the Vancouver Island APICS team led by Muriel Modder hosted our first summer social in August with plans to hold another event on November 23, well underway. 

Progress in forming an APICS Vancouver Island chapter over the past few months demonstrate that vision, leadership, teamwork and a crucial partnership are perhaps most essential ingredients that contribute to building a successful foundation for a Vancouver Island based supply chain community. 

We have a full slate of certification courses, (CSCP, CPIM & CLTD) scheduled for the Winter/Spring 2018 session and an info session scheduled for Feb 8, 2018 at Camosun College. However, don’t wait until 2018 to join our APICS Vancouver Island community. Reach out, engage or follow us through the following websites, social media and e-mail platforms.

 Contact us:


APICS Vancouver Island

Camosun APICS Supply Chain Logistics and Management

LinkedIn Groups

APICS Vancouver Island Region- Vancouver Chapter 


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