Basics of Supply Chain Management

An introductory course which is a prerequisite to the other modules of the CPIM program. Key concepts in managing the complete flow of material in a supply chain are introduced. Fundamental relationships among the activities that occur in the supply chain of an organization from suppliers to customers are explained. Course fee includes CPIM participant workbook.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand the critical links of the supply chain.
  • Have knowledge relative to the front end of the business activities such as demand management, forecasting, order entry, and customer service.
  • See the impact on the performance of a company or a firm relative to inventory management and various control facets as well.
  • Have exposure to various replenishment systems such as Material Requirements Planning/Capacity Requirements Planning, demand-pull replenishment, and Just In Time philosophy.
  • Have basic understanding of cash flow management and its importance in Supply Chain Management functions.
  • Formulate the various links within the supply chain from the customer requirements to the end result where the customer expectation has been met or exceeded.
  • Understand Vendor interface and selection.
  • Be in a position to pursue the next level of accreditation, which is writing the Computer Based Test of Basics of Supply Chain Management. Computer Based Testing (CBT) is in support of the APICS CPIM (Certified in Production & Inventory Management) program.
  • Basics of Supply Chain management is one out of five courses, which support the CPIM program. This course prepares the student for a strong entry position to the other four core courses.
  • And challenged the Basics of Supply Chain APICS certification exam.

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