CPIM classes Part 1 and Part 2

CPIM(Certified in production and inventory managment)  Classroom instructor led classes in BC. 

Course Descriptions and outlines.

The CPIM Program consists of two classes.  CPIM part 1 and CPIM part 2.   The legacy Basics of Supply chain now becomes the new CPIM part 1.   The 4 other legacy classes now merge into one course - Part 2.  

This comprehensive class room training course will provide students with information and tools to master the Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) body of knowledge. It is the only single resource available that is designed specifically to help candidates pass the exam.  The learning system materials will include printed materials, progress checks, quizzes, practise exams and case studies via a comprehensive online learning portal.  The part 1 Class is 36 hours and the part 2 class is 42 hours. 

 The new exam and course outline for part 1 cpim can be found HERE

 The new exam and course outline for part 2 cpim can be found HERE

A preview of the online learning system can be found HERE


The Classes in BC use the CPIM learning system as the classroom materials.  Find all the details below. 

Pricing and Schedule info can be found HERE

The CPIM Learning System delivers comprehensive, flexible and effective CPIM exam preparation and professional development training. Designed using a proven approach for teaching adult learners, this system helps you understand, apply and engage with the content through an all-in-one streamlined program. Reading materials and interactive online study tools that test your knowledge and decision-making skills are incorporated into the study process. 

Created to condense the time it takes to earn the CPIM credential, this program reflects the new CPIM Part 1 and Part 2 exam structure and includes new CPIM-focused content, learning tools and practice questions. There’s no better way to successfully prepare for the CPIM certification exams. 

This blended approach of reading and online practice questions and tools has helped thousands successfully prepare for certification exams. Study with reading materials that provide an in-depth exploration of the knowledge tested on the CPIM exams and includes roughly 1500 pages of content for both Part I and Part 2 combined. Access over 2000 online practice questions to gauge your retention and test your knowledge and understanding - the rationale for each online quiz and test question found in the web-based tools is mapped directly to the reading materials. 

Reading Materials –

The reading material is embedded online, available in downloadable PDF format, and in print. 

CPIM Part 1 – Start your path toward CPIM certification. Prepare for the CPIM Part 1 exam with almost 600 pages of reading material and over 500 online practice questions. 

Module 1: Basics of Supply Chain Management. 

CPIM Part 2 – Complete your CPIM preparation journey. Prepare for the CPIM Part 2 exam with approximately 900 pages of reading material and over 1500 online practice questions. 

Module 1: Strategic Management of Resources

Module 2: Master Planning of Resources

Module 3: Detailed Scheduling and Planning

Module 4: Execution and Control of Operations 


Online Resources and Portal consist of the following

Assess your current knowledge

  •          Complete the Pretest to determine current knowledge and identify areas for improvement.
  •          Create a personal SmartStudy plan to identify learning priorities, estimate study time and create a roadmap to success.
  •          Instructor-led course students participate in a “get to know your classmates” discussion activity. 

Study your way to success

  •          Read the materials based upon the CPIM Exam Content Manual (ECM) online or offline with two flexible options. When you’re online, navigate quickly and easily from reading a section to completing questions and other activities. For offline access, utilize the printed books or request a PDF download to use on your device.   
  •          Review Content Videos to provide an overview of concepts introduced in the reading materials.
  •          Study Flashcards online or in printed format to reinforce your memory of key terms and concepts.
  •          Take the Section Quizzes to test knowledge retention and receive immediate feedback, answer rationales, and references to the relevant sections in the reading materials.
  •          Engage with real-life scenarios in online Case Studies and activities designed to help reinforce key concepts.
  •          Review Reports to track your results and progress through the quizzes and practice tests. 

Practice to passyour exam with confidence

  •          Complete the Posttest with content drawn from the APICS CPIM ECM and receive immediate feedback to measure your progress.
  •          Gain confidence and experience by completing the Practice Exams that are weighted and timed to mirror the computer-based CPIM exams.
  •          Access additional information about the certification exam, study tools, and test-taking tips. 

Resource Center

  •   Download a complimentary copy of the APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual (ECM) and access certification information, exam study tools, printable flashcards, program updates, and more. 

Product Features 


  •          Online Pretest to determine current knowledge and identify areas for improvement.
  •          Weighted and balanced based on CPIM Part 1 and CPIM Part 2 ECM. 

SmartStudy Planning Tool

  •          Create a personal SmartStudy plan to identify priorities, estimate study time and create a roadmap to success. 

Content Videos

  •          Online videos that provide an overview of specific ECM content.
  •          Designed to be help understand and reinforce key concepts after reading the materials. 


  •          Over 1000 flashcards covering the terms in Part 1 and Part 2 combined. (Approximately 450 for Part 1 and 700 for Part 2)
  •          Available online and in printable formats. 

Practice Tests and Quizzes

  •          Over 2,000 online quizzes and practice questions for Part 1 and Part 2 combined.     
  •          Quizzes for each section online and at the end of each reading section.
  •          Posttest covers the content for each CPIM part with immediate feedback.

−         Weighted and balanced based on CPIM Part 1 and CPIM Part 2 exams.

−         Multiple choice questions with immediate feedback.

  •          Practice Exams designed to mirror the functionality, timing and weighting of each CPIM exam part.

−         Weighted and timed to reflect the actual CPIM exam format.

−         Includes strike through, mark and review and time limits, consistent with the computer-based CPIM exams.


  •          Comprehensive glossary of terms for easy reference.
  •          Available online or while reading the embedded e-reader. 

Resource Center

  •          Flashcard files available in printed format.
  •          Download a complimentary copy of the APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual and also included in the first module of Part 1 and Part 2.
  •          Access certification information, program updates.
  •          Review test-taking tips and exam study tools.