Master Planning of Resources

This module provides an understanding of; Sales & Operations Plans, Master Planning, and Demand Management to effectively forecast internal and external demand through the examination of all resource planning processes used across a wide variety of industries.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Explain the principles and processes of master planning of resources.
  • Describe the techniques and methods of demand management, sales and operations planning, and master scheduling.
  • Understand the different techniques of Forecasting and the relation with the product or service.
  • Examine the development of operations plans in different business environments.
  • Identify business strategies related to distribution planning.
  • Explain the process for developing, validating, and evaluating performance at all levels of master planning of resources.
  • Identify the elements of the customer service measurement process.
  • Be in a position to pursue the next level of accreditation, which is writing the Computer Based Test of Master Planning of Resources. Computer Based Testing (CBT) is in support of the APICS CPIM (Certified in Production & Inventory Management) program.
  • Master Planning of Resources is the second out of five courses, which support the CPIM program. This course prepares the student for the next three core courses.
  • And challenged the Master Planning of Resource APICS certification exam