Publish an Article

Publish an Article

APICS Vancouver Chapter encourages to submit articles and article ideas for possible publication in our Taking Stock newsletter. To ensure that your article coincides with readers’ information needs and meets our publishing criteria, please review the following guidelines

Outlines: We strongly encourage potential authors to first submit a query letter or outline that summarizes the article’s focus for consideration prior to submitting your article

Cover Page: This should include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, title, company, and a brief biography.

Implementation Strategies: It is often beneficial to include how-to tips, pointers, and lists of resources to assist readers in implementing a similar system or application in their enterprise. Information on your personal situation also would be well received.

Tone: Write in a personal, direct tone. Include practical examples, where possible. Remember: You are writing to mid- to senior-level practitioners who want to read about specific applications and solutions.

Artwork: Inclusion of relevant artwork is encouraged. We will consider photos, slides, charts, graphs, and other artwork.

Product Endorsements: APICS Vancouver rejects articles that are disguised product releases. Authors may identify specific products or services, but must mention them sparingly within an article of broader content.

Payment: We are unable to pay authors except for commissioned pieces from professional freelance writers. APICS Vancouver considers articles as contributions to the advancement of operations management processes and principles. Authors receive full bylined credit and complimentary copies of the newsletter in which their article appears.

Author Review: We do not provide authors with galleys or any other edited form of their manuscripts unless major revisions are made. We reserve the right to alter any accepted manuscript for clarity and adherence to Taking Stock editorial style. For example, we may alter headlines, subheads, and article tone to improve readability. Manuscript submission implies author agreement with this policy.

Send your outlines and manuscript to our  Communications director.