Public Announcements


CLTD Bundle Special

Certification is pleased to announce the launch of a new CLTD Bundle on April 9, 2018. All CLTD Bundle purchases will include a Learning System, exam credit* and 2nd Chance Exam**, if needed, (restrictions apply). 

The CLTD Bundle will be available for purchase to APICS PLUS members; however, APICS will offer a Bundle + Membership product for nonmembers and CORE members can upgrade*** their membership to purchase the CLTD Bundle. 

Note: The CLTD Bundle is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

*The candidate must use their exam credit to purchase the exam within 6 months of the bundle purchase.

**Candidates will ONLY qualify for the 2nd Chance Exam (retake), when they schedule and take their first exam within 90 days of purchasing their valid Authorization to Test and fail the exam. The 2nd Chance Exam (retake), if issued, will be valid for 6 months.

***CORE members must contact customer service to upgrade their membership.

If you have any questions regarding CLTD Bundle please contact