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FAQ Membership transition -APICS to ASCM

Member update: Transition from APICS to Association for Supply Chain Management with some FAQ's!

Q: Is APICS and ASCM the same?
Yes, APICS is transitioning the brand from APICS into the Association for Supply Chain Management.  We will be known as ASCM British Columbia.

Q: Is Fraser Valley and Vancouver still going to be a chapter?
The format will change in order to better serve our members, and our new organization will be called the Association for Supply Chain Management - British Columbia or (ASCM BC) this decision was made between our two groups in early January to have a provincial focus for all of APICS/ASCM members across BC.

Q: Will there be a new logo and website?
Yes! We are in the process of getting new branding and graphics and will have that transition process starting sometime in February 2021 and plan to complete our branding transition process by April.

Q: How do I renew my membership?
To renew your membership you'll note based on postal code that ASCM - British Columbia is the new chapter name to associate your membership with our local chapter.

Q: Do I need to do anything as a member?
Nope! As a member, there really isn't anything changing other than our branding and format to serve you better as a member, and provide more opportunities to encourage participation in the future.