Exam Retake - From APICS Vancouver


Exam Retake from APICS Vancouver.   For those whom have taken a CPIM or CSCP or CLTD exam and failed. 

This is a special offer from APICS Vancouver for APICS Vancouver Members only. 


  • Applies to CPIM, CSCP, and CLTD exams
  • Does not Apply to bundles bought with retake Exams included
  • Must have purchased the learning system kit from APICS Vancouver
  • For self study purchases , Must have taken exam within 6 months of kit or bundle purchase. 
  • Must have taken first attempt exam within 3 months of class completion
  • Must have purchased the exam from APICS Vancouver Direct (not from
  • Must have passed class, if grades given
  • Must have 80% on Post online test
  • Must have 80% average on quizzes.
  • Must be a APICS Vancouver Plus level member.  

Once your application for  retake is received we will verify your responses.   Please allow 48 hours for this process to happen.  We will then purchase an retake exam voucher for you.   You will have 6 months to claim and use your retake exam credit

Notes and Conditions:  APICS Vancouver reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.  Limited to one retake only per exam type.   Disputes to the application process can be made to