APICS Membership: Small Investment, Continuous Return

Profit from an industry-recognized certification. APICS Vancouver offers extensive educational resources ranging from internationally recognized certifications provided by APICS, specialized workshops, up-to-date industry research, monthly networking opportunities, subscription to the e-newsletter APICS Connection in addition to the benefits provided by APICS.

As a member you are entitled to access the following:


Membership 101 Webinar Direct Link

Membership Options Direct Download Link

In addition to several members-only benefits (including six APICS certification maintenance points per year), ASCM members save at least $1,200 on ASCM products and resources over non-members. Joining ASCM is easy - visit

ASCM Membership app Direct Link

The ASCM Membership app allows you to access and favorite your member benefits. Your certifications and expiration dates are tracked and the app also provides you with contact information for APICS and your local chapter or partner.

NEW Website!

Upgraded in both design and functionality, is easily accessible via any desktop or mobile device. Get the industry information you need anytime, anywhere!

APICS magazine is digital!

Now you can easily access your favorite APICS magazine articles at

Updated Supply Chain Channel!

Connect with like-minded supply chain professionals with our improved members-only, online community. Connect, engage and share ideas with APICS members throughout the world.

NEW Mentor Center!

Find a professional mentor, or become a mentor, through the APICS online mentor center. This tool helps establish mentor relationships and fosters personal and professional growth and development.

NEW Membership Mobile App!

Experience your APICS membership, even when you're on the go. Access your digital membership card, manage your certifications, browse job listings or connect with your local chapter.

NEW Membership Options - CORE or PLUS!

Now we offer two different professional membership options designed to better meet your specific needs and career goals.  Plus membership gets significant discounts on materials and exams.  Members get a free printed or E dictionary.   Free dictionary online at your android or apple app store.

to Join APICS go to membership application on the left menu.  please do select APICS Vancouver as your home chapter.  

Korn Ferry Advance!

With Korn Ferry Advance, ASCM members receive:

  • Traits Assessment – Personalized insight in to what makes you tick, your blind spots and the characteristics of the most successful individuals in your target role
  • Resume Architect – Access to the technology used by recruiters and employers to scan resumes. You’ll be able to see if your resume passes the HR bot test or if it needs tweaking
  • Interview Prep App – Simulated video chat interviews with instant interview feedback powered by artificial intelligence

Career Coaching (additional fee of $39/month) – 24/7 access to your career care team who you can ask questions like “How can I prove my worth?” “What's my five-year plan?”

“Should I move on or up?”

Ready to start accessing these great benefits? Sign up for Korn Ferry Advance today!