Jan 24 - Professional Development & Dinner Meeting - Kaizen

January 24, 2018
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
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Firefighter's Public House
6515 Bonsor Ave
Burnaby, BC, BC V5H 3E8

Our main event - How to Develop a Kaizen Culture in your Organization

Join us for this great speaker and networking event with full buffet dinner 

New special ticket pricing for our partime students. 

Agenda and Timings:

530 pm - Meet and greet - Cash bar
630 pm - 645 pm - Chapter Business AND Sponsor
645 pm - 745 pm grand buffet dinner
745 pm - MAIN Speaker
900 pm - Event wrap up



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How to Develop a Kaizen Culture in your Organization 

In 1986 Mr Masaaki Imai wrote the first book to explain the rise of this small Japanese industrial firm into a major international car manufacturer; the book was title “KAIZEN” and soon the word was included in the Oxford dictionary. 

An organization that practices Kaizen has every employee from the CEO down synchronized, working in cooperation with others to improve process every day.

 Creating the conditions for a “Kaizen Culture” to develop, will enable employees to operate more efficiently within their own work space and as a result, the company will benefit from accelerated product development, increased sales, effective marketing, efficient flow and resource management.  This presentation will cover the 3 pillars needed in a Business Excellence System but will focus mainly on the motivation one. Understanding this pillar will give you all you need to create the right conditions in your organization for a “Kaizen Culture” to develop.



Christopher Leonard, Director Client Services, Kaizen Institute Consulting Group Ltd. 

Speaker Bio 

Chris career background is in Sales Marketing and Product Development in the manufacturing sector. He has managed Large Sales Teams and budgets as well as developed both Product and marketing strategies for major Retail clients.

Chris first became acquainted with KAIZEN in the Furniture sector in my days working in Marketing and Product Development. 

In 1998, Chris teamed up with Gary Redmonds with experience in Government funded skills training to start a new venture IMS UK Ltd. IMS enjoyed 9 years of phenomenal success working first with the Ministry of Work and Pensions and then latterly with Colleges, Sector Skills Councils and private Businesses to help fill the skills gap in the UK work Force.

IMS UK Ltd was purchased by Carter & Carter PLC which was then the biggest provider of government funded vocational learning in the UK. IMS UK also Provided government funded Lean Training to organizations throughout the UK. 

After Moving to Vancouver in 2007, Chris joined the Kaizen Institute Canada as the VP of Client Services. Today Chris works for the Swiss Parent company as Director Client Services, Kaizen Institute Consulting Group Ltd.

 Chris is married with 5 children and 3 Grandchildren.

 Speaker - Company - KAIZEN INSTITUTE 

The history of Kaizen Institute began in the mid 80's. We have the longest history of serving organizations around the world in consulting and training, specifically in the field of KAIZEN™, Lean management and Continuous Improvement. 

The KAIZEN™ methodology has been gradually developed over many decades. It was publically and officially introduced to the world in the 1980’s as a systematic methodology through the best-selling book "KAIZEN™" by Masaaki Imai, the founder of Kaizen Institute.

Known as the father of Continuous Improvement, Masaaki Imai has been a pioneer and leader in spreading the KAIZEN™ philosophy globally. Masaaki Imai founded Kaizen Institute in 1985, to help companies around the world to implement the methodology of KAIZEN™ and claims that all companies should employ KAIZEN™ as their corporate strategy. Over the last three decades, Imai has authored books and articles, and held lectures on KAIZEN™ and Lean, quality, leadership and other related management subjects. Imai understands the steps required to bring a company to the next level and to achive high performance, focusing on the processes rather than the results. 

Today we work with our clients to create processes that highlight problems, while simultaneously training and empowering their teams to solve them. 

We research, develop and publish various aspects of Continuous Improvement, while partnering with our clients, enabling them to implement sustainable improvements through our consulting, training and benchmarking activities and guiding them on their KAIZEN™ journey.


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