PDM APICS Vancouver - Technology, how it can be leveraged to help companies recover and improve their processes

October 29, 2020
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Crises happen. This discussion is about how to evaluate the impact and put systems and processes in place to build momentum and move forward. It will touch on Technology Strategy and discuss how to select and bring in new technologies to help generate new revenue streams, improve processes, and find cost saving measures in your operations.

Situation Analysis

  • Assess the impact (e.g. offerings, systems, processes, staff, strategy)
  • Assess the reaction and its results (e.g. reduced product offerings, altered processes, increased remote work, or shifting to a contingency work force)

Update the Systems and Processes

  • Document the new processes in place since disruption
  • Compare to original
  • Identify challenges and update processes to resolve
  • Identify systems to support (either existing or new)

Technology Implementation

  • Overview of technology types being put to use due to COVID-19 disruption
  • How to evaluate between tech solutions
  • Considerations for implementing tech

The presentation is layered with examples from Clients and organizations that have been through this process along with the successes and pitfalls they have been through.


Rachael Radford is the founder and co-owner of Meira Consulting Inc. Meira exists to help businesses get the most out of their technology, operations and people to help drive new business, deliver exceptional customer service and achieve long and short-term strategic goals.  Rachael’s expertise includes strategic design and execution, technology selection and adoption, operations and process redesign, and project management.

She holds an MBA from Queens University with a focus in Strategic Execution, a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, and has over 10 years of technology implementation experience. She has worked with organizations across industries, continents, and sizes to select and implement many kinds of technologies including Supply Chain and Procurement platforms, ERPs, PIM and eCommerce to name a few.


Meira exists to help businesses get the most out of their processes, technology, and people so they can reach strategic goals. The team is formed of experienced, personable advisors who guide businesses through change.

Meira Consulting Inc., through its Principal, Rachael Radford, has supported Private Business, Municipalities in North America along with Crown Corporations and the Business Development Bank of Canada over the course of the last ten years.

Meira supports organizations in:

· Strategic Design and Execution: Strategy is the framework for how you do what you do. We help Clients design and execute a Business Strategy including setting the plan and roadmap for success. Projects include ongoing support to maintain accountability and ensure goals are met.

· Process Optimization: Process optimization redesigns operational processes to be lean, effective, and standardized. It focuses on getting the greatest value from your current resources.

· Technology Transformation: Technology transformation reviews the existing technology landscape in your organization and sets the future. It focuses on getting the most from current technology, people, and processes and identifies what net new tech will bring value.



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