Student Night - BCIT Student Case Study - Feb 25, 2021

February 25, 2021
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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BCIT Business Operations Management Program students showcase their Fall 2020 project at Modular Driven Technologies, MDT with a focus on improving warehouse layout and inventory optimization.


Feasibility Study on Warehouse Layout and Optimizing Inventory Levels

Date: Fall 2020

Project Team: Arjan Dhaliwal, Bennette Robles, Shawn Salimian

Sponsor: Mr. Ryan Neels, Chief Operations Officer

Company: Modular Driven Technologies, MDT

Modular Driven Technologies was founded in 2009 and has become a well recognized company in the firearms industry.  MDT designs and develops firearms and outsources the manufacturing.  Their headquarters in Chlliwack serves Canada and the global market and the US warehouse serves the US customers.  The company's competitive advantage is their exceptional customer service, well valued price, and accuracy for precision rifles.

The purpose of the project was to provide a feasibility study on a warehouse design and recommend an inventory ratio between Canada and US warehouses for storage.

Areas of focus included:

  • Storage space optimization
  • Elimination of non-value added activities
  • Improving materials handling

Methodologies used:

  • Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)
  • Concept-Design-Construct-Implement (CDCI)
  • Simplified Systematic Layout Plan (SSLP)
  • Inventory Classification (ABC Analysis)

The resultant analysis would lead to the following benefits:

  • Save over 104 hours per annum in Direct Labour cost from eliminating a NVA process, which can be allocated to other valuable tasks
  • Increase storage space by balancing the inventory from 86% CA - 14% US to 40% CA - 60% US based on the customers' demand
  • Minimize risk in shortage of space in the next 5-8 years because more than 50% of inventory in Canada will be reduced
  • Reduce material handling and stocking / order picking process by implementing the ABC Classification and optimizing Canadian warehouse's layout based on SSLP

"Bennette, Shawn, and Arjan have a strong theoretical understanding of the business operations and did a great job applying that to reality.  Once the project plan was clear, they ran with it, and provided us with some insight that will drive positive business changes.  Having a team come in and dig into our operations (specifically in the area tied to the project) with an outside perspective has been valuable."

Mr. Ryan Neels, COO of MDT



Arjan Dhaliwal is currently enrolled in the operations management program at BCIT.  Moving forward, he plans to complete a bachelor's degree in business adminstration since he has great passion in the field of business.  He has worked and volunteered in numerous teams inside and outside of school and truly enjoys collaborative teamwork.  Arjan uses his vast problem-solving skills to tackle difficult tasks that he may encounter during in-class activities or in a working environment.  In the near future, Arjan wishes to fulfill his dream of becoming an operations manager at a local firm.


Bennette Robles has over 20 years of international exposure in Brazil, Chile, and China.  She has experience in management, team building, strategic implementation, and company collaboration.  Bennette uses her communication skills to open lines between teammates, customers, and businesses to get projects done.  Bennette has managed projects in Terrace, BC and Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  She holds a diploma in Chemical Sciences and has training in the BC Assayers Certification.  Bennette is currently working on her last year at BCIT in the Business Operations Management Program.


Shawn - Shahin Salimian is currently enrolled in the Business Operations Management program at BCIT.  With a background in engineering, Shawn is a self-motivated problem solver with a "go getter" attitude.  He used to work at a start-up team and has experience in trade and commerce.  As a strong believer in teamwork, he always makes sure his teammates have his full support.  Shawn is interested in entrepreneurship and project management.  After the graduation, he is looking to continue his path as a business operations manager.




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