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President's Message

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Key summary

  • Excellent turn out for our September PDM
  • Our next PDM focused on technology 
  • Our programs are in demand with participants in the CPIM, CSCP programs
  • Supporting the community with a project with Backpack Buddies


Dear Members,

We continue to find ways to connect with our members as we transition more online and digital with our programs and events. Our team is working hard on our programs and delivering events for our members with the launch of our first online Professional Development Meeting (PDM) in September covering the topic “Supply Chain stories during the COVID-19 era” where we had great attendance and participation.

We continue to work with the challenges that COVID-19 presents, and following the guidelines of the health authorities, we’ve had to change from all in-person meetings, classes, tours and PDMs into another format. We continue to engage on our core body of knowledge and continue our membership engagement activities.

Our educational programs have been in demand with record numbers of participants registering through our educational partners. We expect and continue to see interest in CPIM, and CSCP programs. The CLTD program we will continue to offer in the new year and we continue to engage membership to determine interest in that program.

If you haven’t heard about Backpack Buddies, our own Roberta McPhail has been helping this non-profit organization grow by optimization of their ERP and inventory systems. We have a case study of our work with this organization and would like to share it with you!

We have lots of content for you in this newsletter edition, hope you enjoy the read!

Best regards,

Abrar Khan
APICS Vancouver Chapter

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Calendar of Events

In Class

Career search during COVID-19

Join ASCM Career Coach, Rodney Apple, for this three-part series on Pandemic-era Job Search Strategies. ASCM is offering special pricing for those individuals who are currently unemployed.

Check out APICS Vancouver job board  


Professional Development

October 21 | 1 PM CST - Optimizing Global Manufacturing, Sourcing & Distribution

How to Develop a Risk Resilient Supply Chain and a Future Proof Manufacturing Footprint. For the past few decades, the path to success in manufacturing often resulted in extended supply chains and multiple sources of operations. When everything worked correctly, costs were low and margins were fat. The coronavirus pandemic has put that old model of manufacturing under tremendous strain. The question of how and where your company will have distribution and manufacturing operations in the US, Europe, China, Asia, and everywhere else have all been reopened.

October 29th 2020 (6:00pm to 8:00pm) - Technology, how it can be leveraged to help companies recover and improve their processes

This discussion is about how to evaluate the impact and put systems and processes in place to build momentum and move forward. It will touch on Technology Strategy and discuss how to select and bring in new technologies to help generate new revenue streams, improve processes, and find cost-saving measures in your operations.

Situation Analysis

  • Assess the impact (e.g. offerings, systems, processes, staff, strategy)
  • Assess the reaction and its results (e.g. reduced product offerings, altered processes, increased remote work, or shifting to a contingency workforce)

Update the Systems and Processes

  • Document the new processes in place since disruption
  • Compare to original
  • Identify challenges and update processes to resolve
  • Identify systems to support (either existing or new)

Technology Implementation

  • Overview of technology types being put to use due to COVID-19 disruption
  • How to evaluate between tech solutions
  • Considerations for implementing tech

The presentation is layered with examples from Clients and organizations that have been through this process along with the successes and pitfalls they have been through.

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Education & Certification

In Class

Upcoming education

APICS Vancouver is pleased to announce our upcoming course schedule with our educational partners and instructors. We have an exciting line up of courses to deliver to our supply chain community with experienced instructors within each of our program streams.

Updated: Course offerings in-person. Class sizes will be reduced to allow for social distancing protocols.  The training partners are monitoring information and recommendations about COVID-19 from regional and provincial medical health officers and responding accordingly.  Should in-person classes need to be discontinued, the delivery mode will change to virtual sessions that will take place during the originally scheduled class times.  To participate in virtual sessions, students will need high-speed internet, video cam, and a microphone.

APICS Live Webinar Training Courses

We are pleased to offer live webinar training opportunities through our APICS chapter and partners. These instructor-led, online courses offer a flexible training option to meet the needs of busy supply chain professionals. Learners interested in live webinar courses benefit from learning the same classroom-based courses from the convenience of their own computer. Check out the latest offerings here!

Planning for the next term

Courses at our academic partner's locations will be available for registration after October 28th, 2020 for the January 2021 term.  https://apics-vancouver.org/Find_Classes

BC Skills Grant

Employers can apply for government funding to help with the costs associated with training with industry-recognized certifications like the CSCP, CPIM, and CLTD. For more information about the program, there is an online process and the application process requires employer support to process the request. Funding requests are available so long as the program funding remains available.  

The B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG) replaces the Canada-B.C. Job Grant, and is funded through the negotiated Workforce Development Agreement. This program is designed to assist employers in providing skills training to new or current employees that will develop skills and certification, upgrade skills needed due to automation and enhance productivity.

The goal of the ETG is to help unemployed and employed British Columbians access the skills training they need to adapt to the changing requirements of jobs and the labour market while encouraging employer involvement in training of their employees.

The maximum an employer can receive per fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st) is $300,000 in total government funding. There are four streams under which employers can apply, based on skills training needs:

  1. Employment Transition Training Stream
  2. Foundational Training Stream
  3. Technical Skills Training Stream
  4. Workforce Training Stream

The resource document Choosing the Right Stream is available to assist you in your stream selection.



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Unemployment Membership Program

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, ASCM has modified and expanded the unemployment membership program to better serve our current and future members. This benefit will be available in mid-July.

Two membership tiers are available to help supply chain professionals stay connected with our community and access resources. Each membership product is valid for six months, requires verification of unemployment and is subject to audit. These products are not eligible for the Membership Rebate (M-Reb) program as it is setup to only cover costs.

  • Free CORE Membership – includes all membership benefits except APICS Certification discount
  • $60 PLUS Membership – includes all membership benefits PLUS APICS Certification discounts

All applications will go through ASCM for processing and do not need to be approved by APICS Chapter Leaders. Please mention this membership offer to any supply chain professionals that may be experiencing a hardship through job loss.

In the meantime, we’d like to share a new page for anyone transitioning into supply chain, Supply Chain Career Transition.

Certification Maintenance – How do you maintain your APICS Certification?

Professional development points are obtained from activities that relate to the core areas of the APICS Body of Knowledge. We recognize that individuals are at various levels in their careers and provide multiple sources and a variety of professional development activities for maintaining APICS credentials.

Read the APICS Maintenance Handbook to ensure you are familiar with maintenance program policies and procedures prior to submitting your maintenance application.  The handbook will help you determine which category your activities fall under and the number of points you can claim.  A quick overview of maintenance requirements by certification is below.

Once you have reviewed the maintenance bulletin and requirements, maintain your credential in 5 Easy Steps.

An online certification verification tool is available to provide prospective employers and other stakeholders with a simple, easy way to verify an individual’s certification status. Candidates who require verification of their own credentials for personal use can view a detailed report through My APICS.

Click the links below to view the eligible and ineligible maintenance activities and topics:

Community Connection with Roberta McPhail

“Backpack Buddies recently engaged with APICS to review our operational systems and processes against APICS best practices.  We have asked APICS to help us improve and streamline our inventory movement processes, identify key improvement potentials for our ERP systems and to assist us in preparing scalable systems so that we can expand our program into new communities and go deeper into the communities we already serve.

Our consultant at APICS not only brought top subject matter expertise to the project, but took the time to learn and understand our business model in order to provide guidance and expertise that applied to the specifics of our organization.

This process is proving to be invaluable in helping us get the most from our existing ERP system, plan for growth and be in compliance with industry best practice. I look forward to the completion of the project and am confident we will have the appropriate systems and processes in place to move forward. ”

APICS Vancouver is excited to announce our partnership Backpack buddies. APICS Vancouver (www.apics-vancouver.org)  will be donating expertise to Backpack Buddies (www.backpackbuddies.ca)  to support their continuing process improvements.  We are pleased that we could support such a great cause.  

If you would like your organization to engage with APICS Vancouver, please email us at [email protected] to discuss options.

Strategic Relations with Akbar Zuberi

As part of the chapter’s new focus this year to create and expand its strategic relations with other organizations, APICS Vancouver has taken a leadership role in creating a board of director position to drive partnerships with the local communities with the key objective of bringing more attention to the APICS brand and to provide APICS members greater outreach with respect to opportunities in our community.

The VP of Strategic Relations, Akbar Zuberi, will be working with local professional organizations along with local industry and educational institutions to drive increased collaboration. In the near future, APICS Vancouver will be hosting joint professional development events with other professional organizations which will be great learning experiences and opportunities for networking.  Please do contact us via EMAIL for more information.

September PDM Recap with Steve Bassaw

On September 17th, 2020 APICS Vancouver Chapter hosted “Supply Chain stories during the COVID-19 era” and had the following presenters join us online.

  • Alexander Ralph - Chief Procurement Officer and Director of Supply Chain Management, City of Vancouver
  • Daniel Trejo - Production Planning and Materials Handling Supervisor, Kruger Products
  • Shawn Berke - Director of Operations, SPUD.ca

Our APICS Vancouver member Steve Bassaw posted a great summary on LinkedIn as a recap of the event. Three interesting things I learned from the excellent presenters at last night's "Supply Chain Stories During COVID-19" event hosted by APICS Vancouver Chapter:

1. Kruger, Canada's largest toilet paper manufacturer, never actually had "supply" shortages of raw materials. Empty shelves were from the "demand" side, i.e. consumer hoarding. Kruger's strategies included producing fewer SKU's and doing longer production runs (which were also very efficient because fewer changeovers). Daniel Trejo

2. The City of Vancouver had to expand their supply chain OUTSIDE of the local Vancouver area. This is in contrast to many companies that had to source more LOCALLY when longer supply chains got disrupted. Alexander Ralph

3. FoodX, an online grocery delivery company, handled rapid 8X growth in demand! Cross-functional "over-communication" was critical. And "optimism was their most valuable internal currency" - love that line. Shawn Berke

Thanks to the organizers and presenters!

- Steve Bassaw, CSCP 


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APICS Operations Management Body of Knowledge

The operations management theme for this month in concert with our upcoming PDM is from Chapter 8 – Advanced Manufacturing and Service Technology. Click here to download a copy of the 3rd edition of the Operations Management Body of Knowledge.


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Chapter information

The APICS Vancouver Chapter 2020-2021 board of directors are listed below with their corresponding contact information for each of the portfolios. As a member, if any of our directors can be of assistance please reach out to the applicable team member.



 Email address


Abrar Kahn, CPIM, CSCP, MBA

[email protected]

Exec VP

Arda Akoglu

[email protected]


Loretta Lau, CSCP, PMP

[email protected]

VP Finance 

Fred Wang, CPIM, MBA

[email protected]

VP Marketing 

James Laitinen, CSCP

[email protected]

VP Membership 

Jim Nguyen

[email protected]

VP Education 

Manly Sitter, CPIM, CSCP, CITP

[email protected]

VP Programs 

Andrea Zamparo, CPIM, CSCP

[email protected]

VP Strategic Relations 

Akbar Zuberi, CPIM, MBA

[email protected]

Director Corporate / Admin 


[email protected]

Director Education 

Jason DeRoche, CPIM, CSCP

[email protected]

Director Programs 

Rachel Chan, CPIM, CDDP

[email protected]

Stay current with industry trends and knowledge

Professional development refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement. Professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, ranging from college degrees to formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities situated in practice. It has been described as intensive and collaborative, ideally incorporating an evaluative stage

The success of our professional development programs is also due in large part to our elite instructors – highly skilled, passionate and internationally recognized consultants, executives, keynote speakers and best-selling authors. Every day, our professional development leaders have their sleeves rolled up in the challenging world of business so they intimately understand the issues and challenges individuals and organizations face. Plus they not only have proven teaching and facilitation skills, they listen to your needs to ensure a stimulating, motivating and enriching learning experience.

You have worked hard to achieve your certifications. Keeping them up-to-date and active show your dedication to your career in operations and supply chain management and, helps boost your standing within your organization and the industry. Professional Development points are awarded for conducting the following programs related to operations management:

  • Conferences
  • Courses (including certification review courses)
  • Meetings (instructional)
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops
  • Other presentations

About APICS.org

The Association for Operations Management is the global leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in operations management, including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing, and logistics. Since 1957, individuals and companies have relied on APICS for its superior training, internationally recognized certifications, comprehensive resources, and a worldwide network of accomplished industry professionals.

About the APICS Vancouver Chapter

APICS Vancouver offers typically 7 professional development meetings, 2 workshops and 1 plant tour each year. Typical attendance at a professional development meeting is 60-100 people. The chapter promotes education through professional learning institutions that lead to designations CPIM, CSCP, and CLTD.

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